4 Outfits I wore in Chaing Mai and The journey

Chaing Mai is one of my favorite place to visit of course! Last vacations, I went in Chaing Mai with mom and it was our first trip together. This was very exciting trip once I took my mom on the airplane for the first time. She loved it so much and I'm happy that i spent my vacation with mom. Anyway I would like to show you my 4 outfits that I wore in Chaing Mai and also talk about how was the trip. Also, if you are vegan and traveling in Bangkok now you shouldn't miss one of the best vegan restaurant in Bangkok.

Chaing Mai Outfit - Pim Sandra

Today was the day that we decided to get closed to the nature. When you always live in the city, it's hardly to get some nice fresh air and usually we never get fresh air around Bangkok. This day was so hot during the day so if we could get up high at the mountain would be colder a bit and my mom said just go for it! We took the red bus up into the mountain and it cost 60THB. You don't need to pay the whole set that they offer once when I sit down and discussed about our times with how does it cost, we prefer to go 3 places that there and it's cheaper to buy as a package that the driver will suggest you. 

Anyway, today I wore ripped jeans, normal dark t-shirt with the white sneakers as I love to dressed down and be casual. I added special item like my pompom earring on and I'm ready to rock my day. 

Chaing Mai Outfit - Pim Sandra

Walk walk walk and walk the whole day! Since the ripped jeans are not allowed to get into the private nature place so I need to rent this pink sarong, you have to ask them clearly once you don't have to buy it when it cost a bit pricier than renting. I walked for about 6 hours for today, yes we always walk so this is normal for us only when we got into the hotel just had very deep nice sleep.

Chaing Mai Outfit - Pim Sandra

I was so hot and I remember it was 34 celsius today, me and my mom were about to get some food and she told me to stop and stood there for 5 minutes to get one of my picture like this one haha We were so active to get cool photos but the sunlight was never give up on us. So, today I went for white tank top and white ripped short jeans since I just bought this denim jacket so I wanted to swag on it with my black belt to pop the white theme up a bit more.

Chaing Mai Outfit - Pim Sandra

Step out of your way just like every fashion blogger said as a tip to have nice long legs, thank you for that! I use this tip a lot. Niman is the popular street to have good food and I mean just food haha There's so many food around and you will never ended walking down on this street because there's so many restaurants you would like to get it in. One of them is Roti restaurant, me and my mom love to have it so much also, they served with the rose tea and everything went together so smoothly. Because today was my food hunting day, I would like to stay casual as always, I wore my same short white jeans with my lovely shirt and sneakers best friend. 

This was all my outfits basically should be 3 but i also count the Sarong ones >< 
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