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5 Best Infographic Ideas to drive more traffics - Marketing Ideas

มกราคม 15, 2561

Online Marketing is the most important key to growing your business and we have to change Marketing trends every year to increase your conversion rate and revenue. One of those powerful tools to drive traffics to your website is Infographic design since people love searching for pictures with short explanations more than thousands word o the screen.

So, What we choose to put on the Infographic? 

1. Share useful information with the audience
2. Have nice graphic designs
3. Make it easy to share on Social Media

And How we get the backlinks from Infographic? 

There're so many ways to get the backlinks with your Infographic, let's grab some tips from these:

1. Leave your code with keywords under your Infographic Design for your audience
2. Contact others in your niche and offer them your Informative Infographic
3. Send out email to your audience
4. Summit your Infographic for free!

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Anyway, now let's dive into this "5 Best Infographic Ideas to drive more traffics" 

1. Keep your words short and easy to read. Don't forget to show your numbers when it comes to Business Infographic to build your truthful.

2. Make storyboard for your brand by using the graphics to attract people's eyes. 

3. Play with the colors and Use the cartoon to make people understand more clearly

4.  Make the boring contents more interesting by using concise text

5.  Don't forget to show them the table on your Infographic once you have this details 

If you are not good at Photoshop just like me, you can also fo check Canva website to create your own Infographic, Banners and more so easy and really save your time. To drive more traffic to your blog have more tips and tricks for you to follow from Top 5 Blogging Experts that I recommended and don't forget to check out your Blog Themes when you think it's time to make your blog looks more professional. 

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