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Top 5 Download Blog Templates Websites

มกราคม 08, 2561

Welcome the new year with new blog styles in this 2018! Update your new template with these professional looking blog templates. User-friendly is important but the landing page is important once people come to your website and go throw each part of your landing page. More than is good for SEO once Google always looking for the website that can provide people are looking for the results they search on Google.

Both Blogger and Wordpress can easily find here on these Top 5 Bes template websites I bring to you. To tell your audience that your website can be trusted by professional and quality content with your keywords that you can apply in your blog template codes. 

Let's go through these "Top 5 Blog template Websites" 

Since I have mentioned about her templates on this Top 5 Blogging Experts so now you learn from her tips and download the blog templates from her blog too. I like how simple and easy the templates are, also this is very easy to fix and change anything on your code, for example, adding the Meta description into your code.

2.  Stasvn

There're so many bloggers who choose the blog templates from Stasvn because of how they presented the landing page and the whole website so well. It's easy for visitors who come to the website for the first time and know exactly what we do or what our niches are. This would be great for e-commerce as well once you it looks really professional and has a very nice design for your own products to attract the customers to click more on the pages. 

3. Themeforest 

Creative template designs that will support your website and your SEO. Themeforest has so many templates that you can use for your own niche and these templates are supported to be open on mobile as well which is very important for both of users and you.

This website offers you all the nice and simple templates looking which is very good for a professional looking website. You can also sign up for web hosting with this website and download ready to use template easy.
And if you are one of the website designers who want to submit your theme for free then go click on the top menu bar to submit your template to this website.

5. Themify

Themify has so many different blog templates for you by searching them from the category. They also have specific templates for each niche on the website so you can choose easily to match on your website and how you want to present it to your visitors. The most important reason is that to make your website look professional, user-friendly and mobile-friendly since mobile is the new trend to develop your SEO on your website.  

If you are a new blogger and want to increase crazily traffics then you should have a look here to find your blog experts. More than learning some tips for blog experts is to learn about SEO and how to grow your blog fast and stay on the line longer. 

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