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Who is Pim Sandra?

"Lifestyle Blogger Thailand"

Hi everyone, hope you all feeling well today. :D

My name is "Pim Sandra", technically my nickname is Pim but because I named myself " Pim Sandra " 6 years ago and everyone keeps calling me "Pim Sandra". That's the history of my name basically.

I started my blog in this 2017 as a part-time lifestyle blogger in Thailand. My blog is about beauty, fashion, Blog tips and Planner at Pimplanner which is my store. So, make sure to check my store out and get some affordable printable your own. All the articles that is helpful for you, I would be really appreciated if you leave positive comments on the post. :)

Let's get to know each other a bit better, I'm personally interested in SEO, Online marketing, and Entrepreneur. I also love sharing my journey and my experience for the products I have tried on. I love traveling so much, I remember when I traveled I'm obviously just like a new person. I have learned so many things about life and people, some people say that it's better to not experience some mistakes by yourself and only listen to the people who came through that time. In fact that you missed out all that because the mistakes that we experience for ourselves taught us more than anything, you could even be given. I also love to take on vacations to the nicest hotels in Bangkok or Pattaya, sometimes it's good to take myself out somewhere and just stay with myself ...even people think that I'm so introvert and always be alone. But I feel like I still don't know myself enough and to take myself out some nice places alone is always new for me.

Why I'm blogging?

For of all, I personally love to share my story to people and Tips and Trick about SEO since I'm very interested in a lot. I also have one of my journal blog that you can have a look on sometimes, I keep my motivational and inspirational in the blog. Since I have all my writing passion on this blog, I wish I could work full-time from now on. Anyway, This is still my goal and I would be more appreciated if you could share your blog story for example "How you became a full-time blogger" because I would love to hear it from you.

Work with us

My audience 70% from Thailand and 30% from The United States. Also, I'm open up for every opportunity come in such as partnerships or collaboration with the brand. Feel free to send me an email to

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