10 Tips that will change your lifestyle

The Same lifestyle is boring, not only makes you feel bored but also it closed your creative mind as well. When everything is busy running every minute and people change, we shouldn't be stuck in the same lifestyle so I came up with "10 Tips that will change your lifestyle" to share it with you. 

1.Wake up early 

- If you say waking up is the hardest thing to do that means you just give up every morning since you open your eyes. Waking up early helps you sustain healthier diet, give you a mental health, enhances your productivity and more. Try to wake up at least 10, 20, 30 minutes earlier and you will see the good result.

2. Drink so much water

- Drink water as much as you can, challenge yourself to drink more and more to see what does it change your body. Trust me, you will impress the way it does especially if you want to lose weight and keep your skins looking good.

3.Work out

- I know this can be a struggle of my life when you don't have time. But work out can take only 7-10 minutes, if you want to be fit and get bum then you can't skip it. Keep your food lifestyle healthy when you don't have so much time to burn and eat more fruits and vegetables. 

4. Journal 

- When you grow up with technology, everything seems so convenient on phone but you choose to take time out of them and find a cute notebook to write your journal. Writing is great, it helps you memorized things so much faster and let your creative mind run through the paper. 

5. Coloring Book

Coloring book helps you feel more relax,  more calm and it does help you focus on productivity. Coloring book helps teenagers so much about emotional and habit. Also, it utilizes both hemispheres of the brain, right and left. When we are thinking about balance, color choices, applying colored pencil to paper, we are working on problem solving and fine motor skills.  

6. Travel

- Stop saying that "you have no time" when you all have it but we don't know how to organize it. Travel could change so many things in your life from your thoughts. When you go travel, you will see new lives which that helps you find yourself and know what you want. Let's start saving money from now and plan your tickets.

7. Try new thing

- Adventure is everywhere if you have never done something more than just sit in your comfort zone then be brave and work out to find new experiences. You can go on a road trip with friends, Do bungee jumping, Do scuba diving and etc. 

8. Plans your future

- It's so fun to think about what to do in the future so don't let this vibes go away. Write it down on your planner to remind you to achieve your goals. Challenge yourself every months and keep your goals tight using To Do List!

9. Challenge yourself 

- When you are trying to do something but always have an excuse when you choose right it down on this "challenge project". Focus on your challenge goals and give yourself a present when you finish your goals.

10. Have fun! 

- Life is about happiness and having fun! If you still scared to be open, you choose slightly open to some people around you first. Start to smile to people that you meet for a day and communicated the people you met that day. What you will get back is real happiness.  

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