5 tips to use weekly printable planner like a pro

I have running crazy about my jobs and how could I get everything done in a day. Even it's hard but we still need to keep these tasks on Weekly printable planners to help me stay on track. Also, I have tips to be success for you, don't forget check out after download free weekly printable

Weekly printable helps you see all the tasks that you need to get done in this week, And it will motivated you more than ever! For this blog, we will show you how can we use Weekly printable planners like a pro.

5 tips to use weekly printable planner like a pro

1. Write down your tasks 

- Once, you downloaded your planner please have a look along with the calendar so you won't miss anything. Write down your tasks and everything you have to do on the planner but remember that the most important thing is organized your tasks from high priority to the low priority because i know that you don't want to wasted your time. 

2. Time logged

- If there's not time logged in your tasks, probably you might spend 4 hours on the easiest task. Start working form the top and  write down your time on each task. I would suggest  the time maximum would be 3 hours but it depends how hard that would take. To logged your time more narrow will make you focus more on tasks.

For example:

First task, I have on is "Setting Facebook Post For PS." I'm working on this task as my freelance and still didn't get it done when I have more tasks on and they are all in high priorities. I try to set in at least 6 posts for 2 weeks so next week I could focus on other tasks so I write it down 3 hours since I already have done the researched already.

The second task, I have is "Think about 5 article ideas for the blog". This task has to do in 3 steps and I need to do the research first so I would set it 2 hours.

3. Put "hold" when you need it

- Hold means emergency but it tells you, what exactly do you need at the time. Sometimes, there's urgently tasks come during the day. In this case will keep you slow down everything, dont forget to see what's the most important tasks. 

For example:

Now, I'm working on Facebook research but the company that I partnership with already posted an article about me and they want to see an article live now on my blog so I have to add "Hold" on my Facebook research and put my article online

4. Keep focusing your goals

- There's so many distracting things around you  so to finish all your tasks done are definitely need to be focus on your goals. Find the place like the coffee shop that motivated you and help you to stay focus on your tasks.

If you work in the office, you can listening music while you're working, once I found that works for most of people and it helps you memorized things better. 

5. Give yourself good treats when you complete all you tasks 

- This will make you feel more motivated to finish all your tasks even though this week has so much works to do. This tip always make me smile to force my laziness to get all my works done haha 
Sometimes, the treat that i mean is just "take the whole rest day" or sometimes, I just take myself to my favorite restaurant. Because I don't have so much time for myself and what I need is enjoy my time. 

You should do that if you would like to find the arts around you. 

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