Polyvore is my new favorite fashion app♥

I am obsessed with this Polyvour App! Fashion Design app that helps you create your own outfits super easy. My god guys, I can not stop playing this app since I downloaded a couple days ago by friend recommended. I was looking for this kinda application for so long because it benefits my work when I am away from my laptop and if you're a fashionista, you shouldn't miss it. 

One thing that I also love about it is that they have so many designers brand and it all fresh updated.

You can easily Download this app for free on Android and IOS. Once you have already downloaded, you can log in with Facebook account which is so convenience and fast. I created a couple outfits since I was way too excited and for my tip is to join the contest, this will make you it even more fun when it's not just like a game with the robot  but we actually connected with real people. I have so much fun build up my new outfits everyday and see other people outfits just like you explore the Tumblr and get addicted.

More than just clothing, you can also play with the decoration, makeup, hair and make them look like a Magazine cover. I like to see when people make their feed in one color so you don't feel like distracted by too many colors.

What I want to see more? 

When I save out to the gallery, they have too much white space around. I think that is a bit annoying. When I choose the white outfit and save out, I feel like the color is basically blend with the while background also When I picked some white products, it usually blur out for some reasons.

How to Download?

Download on Android >>> @Polyvore
Download on IOS >>> @Polyvore

Also, have you downloaded planner printable yet? 

If you haven't yet go download Weekly Planner and To Do list  FREE! 
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