Best vegan restaurant in Bangkok

If you are trying to lose weight but still craving junk food, why not try the vegan junk food instead?

Work hard, Play hard but don't forget to take care yourself with good food and good lifestyle! Vegan food is one the best option that you should go for once, you want to eat healthy junk food. Well, this sounds strange but once you realized that everything comes from plant based so that's why. ;)

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I always wanted to try Vegan Food at Veganeria Concept Restaurant at Sukumvit 24 (Behind Benjasiri Park). You can drop down here by Prompong station and walk through Benjasiri Park, so convenience. After your meal, you can enjoy walking around Benjasiri park, watch the kids play around or go inside the malls for fresh aircon.

When I got here, Me and My mom was taking photos like crazy and I know that everyone who comes here will never missed one photo from here. The decoration and everything here is very Instragram , everything has nice color tone and very nice place! Well,

There's so many menus we wanted to try but since we had ants' stomach so we decided order  two dishes, One was Italian Pizza I think since I am a forgetful hahaha Another dish was my favorite so far! It was roti and Vegan curry. I loveeee it! Even at first, I ordered this dish for my mom and pizza for myself but Mom has a wide heart for this hungry girl. Only 15 minutes, we both finished everything. That was the fastest time we had for a long time. 

I think, The prices here are very friendly, the place is convenience to visit and you can go walk around or walk at home like some of my friends when they have too much energy to burn after food.
Me and my mom, we definitely will go back again very soon next month. You can follow my life and what I do on my Instragram and we can get more in touch. If you haven't had download my free planners such as To Do List and Weekly Planner, don't miss it! Go get some FREE :)

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