Halloween Stickers Kit!

Halloween is coming now! I always miss the Fall theme and cozy vibes in my house, being organized on the planner as a reminder can't miss out the theme of Fall of Halloween. Motivated yourself better more with the orange and yellow tone looks so bright and refreshing the eyes so well.

 Halloween Stickers Kit!

I have organized the planner tool with Halloween Stickers Decoration for you to decorated on your favorite planner that you can download easily :D

If this week has been busy for you until next week, don't worry "Weekly Planner" would help you organized those priority so much better with To Do List Kit for real busy day.

Halloween is everyone's favorite and so am i! I love the colorful colors and I like to have everything as in the season theme. Let's see what we have in this Halloween Stickers Kit

Standard Paper Sizes:
○ A4 
○ A5

What included: 
○ 3 Stickers' Sets

○ Cute Halloween Tags for your planner 
 The fist one that you will get is all about fun pattern stickers that you can use for holidays, make it cute and fun of the month. :) 

○ To Do List in Halloween theme 
List your important tasks on here to make you feel like want to write things down and gain more motivations to finish your tasks. 

○ More Halloween Sticker patterns
This is super cute and useful! I use this sometimes instead of my handwriting because it's better to only see my messy handwriting everywhere. 

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