How to be a girl boss

After reading Girl Boss Book, I have so much more motivations and try to get out of my comfort zone to start to be my own boss. It will never happen on the doorstep but we need to start from now.

First thing to do to be like a Girlboss is know how to manage your life since, we always say that we don't have time. But now I have "5 Tips how to be a girl boss" for you, not matter you're a student. We are all our own bosses and if you want to know How to make money online then don't for get to have a look here.

How to be a girl boss

Tip number 1: Wake up early and Plans your day

Even more you wake up early, even more you have times to finish your tasks of the day early so you will have more time to do what you want to do in the afternoon. Waking up early helps you lose weight and remember things faster. Do not touch your phone or any electronics before 8am.! So during this time, you could write To Do Lists or plans your week on Weekly Planner or reading your favorite books.

Tip number 2: Work out and Stay healthy

No matter how busy you are, you have to find time to take care of your body. You can do yoga or workout at lease 10 minutes in the morning when you are in a busy day just keep do workout everyday. Living healthy lifestyle is a profit to feel great, It's important to feel great everyday because you will never know that your wellness energy will make people around you happy as well

Tip number 3: Organized your stuffs

Start organizing your stuffs since you wake up such as Make you bed looks nicer. A successful person will start making the day since they wake up and don't make your room messy. If today is your laundry then go clean your clothes and clean your room. Tidy up a bit in your room everyday is easier than deep cleaning your room every weekends.

Tip number 4: Set short goals and achieve it

Grow yourself ten times faster with 3 months plans, every start-ups always grow their businesses fast because they set their goals shorter and focus on the goals. If you want to be a boss then a boss won't let time fly away when you just realized what have you missed in the past. Focus on the present, focus on the goals and you will be proud.

Tip number 5: Stay motivated 

Everyone who will be success person need to come across of the feeling down and you might ended up giving up. So, the most important thing is stay motivated yourself by reading books or listening speech from successful people on Youtube. Another way is to find new connections with other success people, they love sharing knowledge and learning something from the others as well.

These 5 tips sound easy but to stick with these 5 tips everyday could be a challenge for you. I found some more tips to share to you with these 10 Tips to become a girlboss. :D

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