12 Powerful Quotes For Entrepreneur 2017

What will push you up and kick you out of the bed in the morning? something that reminds you what would you be in the future right?

And the most important thing is "To Do what you Love". I always keep my goals and my planner next to my bed to open it and read in the morning what should I do today. Sometimes, writing my journal and tell the journal what I have been and what my goals are and also express myself into my journal to get what's still stuck in my head out to make me create an generate some new ideas better and quality.

The quotes are very important when you have goals to achieve and want to be an entrepreneur, something that will motivate you to work for what will come in the future so you won't fail easy. Once, you work hard to build your wall and make it strong then now it's time to build your own wall and make it bigger. So, what does it mean is that when you work for some company one thing is that you don't have to take a risk yourself and you don't have to work crazy as much as you do for your own company. And that's the wall you will build up yourself.

Alright, now let's have a look at "12 Power Quotes for Entrepreneur" 

There's always tomorrow

1. There's always tomorrow

Don't work on Monday just like Friday. Please don't be arguing with this early, what I'm telling you is to not be stressful and do crazy hard working try to get your weekly works done by only Monday. Plans what you have to do this week and try to finish in hours that you set.

Make your passion to your paycheck

2. Make your passion to your paycheck

That's how you can start right on your laptop, there are tons of ideas that you can create and generate for making money online. More than it gives you money for living, it also gives you more times to spend with yourself or family. How great is that?

Life is too short to work for someone else's

3. Life is too short to work for someone else's

This doesn't mean that I tell you to quit your job right away but I'm telling now is to remind you of your dreams and what you want in life. Working for someone 8 hours for a day for entire life is so exhausting. But it's good to experience it first couple years or one year and figure it out what you want the most.

Take a risk or Stay back behind?

4. Take a risk or Stay back behind?

This sounds harsh but I always ask myself this question and it pushes me to work harder. Not just to see what's in front of you but see what's on the way to come to you and grab it as fast as you before it goes to someone else.

Stop talking and Do it!

5. Stop talking and Do it!

Brah brah brah with the water comes out of the mouth, nobody believes it so why don't you make it happen and shows to them how does it look to be at this place right now. Do it fast, earn it fast. 

Make your Dreams to your Goals

6. Make your Dreams to your Goals

Don't be just a dreamer like a 16-year-old girl, make it comes true and never dream small. Draw a way to go and achieve it! 

Stay Healthy and Live Well

7. Stay Healthy and Live Well

Knowing what your body needs is one of the most important responsibilities you should never forget. Live healthy every day will make you happier and think positive.

Never think that you can't

8. Never think that you can't

Do not ever think that you can't if you have never tried before, you will regret if you didn't take a risk. So, what comes in my mind when there's an opportunity in front of me with the huge risk that will affect my life in a good way and at the same time there might be a bit risky, then I always ask myself these 3 questions:  "Are you scared or just getting nervous?", "If this opportunity just comes to you because you deserve it then grab it", "Is that affected someone else ?" if it's no, then go for it. 

Be confident in every step

9. Be confident in every step

Sometimes, the leaders are the ones who will go first but if they are not confident in their steps it goes, no one will believe either to yourself. Mistakes always happen but if you never be confidence to keep walking then you will never go further. 

 Be a game changer

10. Be a game changer

Believe that you can do it and do it awesomely. Some situations that came by something it comes to you to solve it. No one can really do that except for you who will make everything better for your brain and your hands. So, you will become a game changer for this time.

I hope this will make you feel active and kick out of your comfort zone. And these are some of my favorite quotes that I always think about when I feel down and lost sometimes. I believe that we all do feel frustrated when you do something and it didn't happen overnight even you work very hard but still see nothing. But if everyone can do it then you can do it! 

Hope you like some of these. :)

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