85 High DA Directory Websites - FREE Submissions

If you just started to be a blogger and want to drive crazy traffic, one tool that will help you drive crazy traffic is "Backlinks".  More than keep writing high-quality contents and use the right keywords into your articles is to do Backlinks (Internal Backlinks and External Backlinks) which will increase your Domain Authority (DA).

What are the backlinks?

Backlinks sound complicated at first for every new Blogger. But basically, Backlinks means The websites that link back to your website using the keywords which will make a huge impact on SEO on your website to increase your Domain Authority (DA). Obviously, the quality backlinks are usually better than the quantity backlinks and if you wondered how to do the backlinks for a beginner? Find more answer in this article, "5 Ideas to increase your backlinks".

The directory websites might not be the most important, But the directories are something you shouldn't be ignored.

What is the Directory Websites?

The Directory websites are the websites that provide you to submit your website's link to be viewed on different websites. To submit your websites first, you need to prepare the topic, short description with an acceptable title that goes along with your website's link to the directories. Do not forget to add your keywords to your title and description to have high-quality backlinks for your own website.

Here're 85 High DA Directory Websites and Profile Creation Websites:

1. web-directory-sites.org
2. www.ewebresource.com
3.  www.1abc.org

4. www.w3catalog.com
5. www.1websdirectory.com 

8. sonicrun.com
9. www.nertsffd.com
10. about.me/pimsandra

11. 247webdirectory.com

12. ironlinkdirectory.com
13. pimsandra.strikingly.com

15. towebmaster.net
30. www.likeddot.com
38. bari.biz
41. medium.com/@pimsandra
42. www.bestbuydir.com
43. ww.beegdirectory.com
44. www.aweblist.org
45. www.ask-directory.com
46. www.aquarius-dir.com
47. www.top-site-list.com
48. www.h-log.com
49. www.ananar.com
50. www.apeopledirectory.com
51.  promotebusinessdirectory.com
52. www.bedwan.com
53. www.populardirectory.org
54. www.ec123.net
55. www.britainbusinessdirectory.com
56. sonicrun.com
57. www.galyeannursery.com
58. www.dealdirectory.com
59. mugro.info
60. botid.org
61. w3catalog.com
62. www.directory.edu.vn
63. www.seoseek.net
64. linkroo.com
65. www.searchdomainhere.com
66. www.marketinginternetdirectory.com
67. www.jasminedirectory.com
68. www.sublimedir.net
69. itzalist.com
70. www.thalesdirectory.com
71. www.a1webdirectory.org
72. www.unique-listing.com
73. www.free-directories-list.eu
74. linkroo.com
75. www.weboworld.com
76. botid.org
77. www.directdirectory.org
78. www.workdirectory.info
79. www.skoobe.biz
80. directoryvault.com
81. www.callbuster.net
82. www.bloggernity.com
83. 411freedirectory.com
84. www.businessseek.biz
85. www.prolinkdirectory.com

These are "85 High DA Directory Websites" that you can submit for FREE! Website Directories can help you increase organic traffic even though this might not the most powerful backlinks that you can get but you shouldn't forget to complete this task on SEO. However, to see the fastest growth result on your new blog don't forget to download this Blog Post Challenge Sheet here!

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