Blog Posts Challenge - Download printable FREE!

For those of you, who want to be your own boss and grow your blog fast but don't have time to run your blog. In this blog, we will take you on a "Blog Posts Challenge - FREE Blog Post Challenge Printable" together. Keep continuing until the end.

Blog Posts Challenge - Download printable FREE!

Are you a beginner blogger?

These are the contents that will help you:

○ 5 ideas link buildings

If you're on your way to be a full time a blogger, all you have to do now is creating fresh and useful contents for the readers or what we called quality contents as much as you can. Think about what kind of articles that would help them solve the problems and what can entertain them because that's the main reason they come to Google. But what to do when you don't have enough time to achieve this short goal? 

Today, I would like to share you some tips as a part-time blogger to organize your times and plan for your blog to grow fast. Anyway, let's do it together to download the file down below.

What included:
🔸Set up your monthly goals 
🔸Challenge yourself every weeks / every month (depends on the fastest result you want to see, I will set up every 3 months in 2018 and 2 months in 2017) 
🔹Share the results in the comment 
🔹 Be honest with yourself and no excuses

The questions you will get:

1. Write down your current DA and PA 
2. Write down your DA and PA you want to see in next 2 months in 2017
3. Write down your total posts in each month
4. Start do it! 

Blog Posts Challenge - Download printable FREE!

Here's my example in 3 months:

1. For my current DA is 10 PA is 19
2. My goal is DA 20 PA 30
3. My total posts in the first month should be 20 posts and for the second month is 30 or more

Number 3 is really challenging when you don't have much time to create the contents but I believe we all do. I created my comments when I'm on the train when I'm on my way to work in the morning and heading back home. I created my contents on my phone and I send my contacts to my email, create thumbnail and share it. Push up your hard work more and more then you will see the results, trust me that you can do it.

Want to download Excel blog planner sheets for FREE? Coming Soon....

Blog Posts Challenge - Download printable FREE!

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