Top 5 Websites to learn about SEO

If you are a blogger, you probably wondered what is an SEO? and How SEO helps to grow your blog?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a free tool that helps your blog appear more on Google Page followed by the Keywords. SEO  is moving more and more towards delivering what Google wants by creating great contents and less towards “Gaming The System.” We have so many ways to develop our SEO strategy or SEO Techniques such as White HAT, Grey HAT and Black HAT SEO. These techniques will drive more traffics on your blog in the long run.

Anyway, let’s dive into these 3 techniques:

White Hat SEO

This technique is associated with ethical SEO. However, this technique might not pop up on Google results suddenly. We included Quality Contents, Internal linking (Links to your related articles on your website), Link Baiting (A link that people link your page article to another website, Guest Blogger (Write good article for other websites, not just to get the links back to your related article on the website but also to get your name out there and the last one is Site Optimization)

Black Hat SEO:

This Black Hat strategy or Aggressive technique SEO because we only focus on the search engine and not about a human audience. This could help you increase more traffics fast but Google will punish you once you use this technique too much. These Black Hat SEO technique included Spammy comments on the strong websites, Link Farms ( When you share your link into the group and tell them to click it on your website), Use the same keywords too much on one article, Pay for a link (Pay money for a link from strongest backlinks such as the news or any entertainment websites)

Grey Hat SEO:

This technique stays in between Black and White because there are some pros and cons of this technique. The first one is Link exchange, we can do this by writing an article about another website, for example, This cosmetics has 200$ coupon code for you to shop any products on their websites and write a review with a link back to their websites. The second ones are easier “Exchange the links to each other websites” that related to your niches. The third is Submit your links to the directory websites that have high DA and also you can paste your links to your own domain names that you have.

What are the best websites to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

I share you Top 5 Websites to learn about SEO, There are so many SEO websites and some SEO Blogger outside that you can learn about SEO but here’re some of the favorite SEO experts who can make you understand completely about SEO and how you can use it to match your own niche.

1. Moz

Obviously, Moz is the one who created DA strategy (The DA or domain authority that will show your performance on your blog into the numbers that we can easily know about the Blog’s growth) Moz also has the biggest trusted by Google.They also write everything about SEO such as How to rank number one page on Google or How to do SERP the keywords. This knowledge is free on Whiteboard Friday on their blog and you can also Sign up Moz course on Udemy for FREE

2. Backlinko

As I was a beginner learning about SEO myself, it’s so hard to understand sometimes but I found his videos on Youtube and I listened to the whole videos that he posted and it’s so easy to understand and he explained very clearly. He also has a website called Backlinko that you can Sign Up for a case study and How to drive crazy traffic in 14 days. For sure, that you can still find Free training class for you.

3.Neil Patel

It takes a bit of time for me to understand his blog but he always gives you the best explanations ever. You will learn from him since you opened up his website and see how he tricks you with the email subscribe pop up which is very smart. He also has a Youtube channel which I think that would help you understand clearly and one thing that you can take from wherever around blog is Catchy Headlines and how you can build strong brand awareness on his blog.

4. Ahrefs

Not sponsored but this blog is really good! If you are looking for a good tool to build your backlinks I think this would be a good choice for you and it’s easy to use. In Ahrefs blog, they will explain to you how you can use Ahrefs’s tool very useful. They have guest’s post so you can Sign up to write for this website but make sure that the article is related to your blog.

5. Shoutmelound

I just found this website a month ago and very impressed by his tips and tricks for SEO step by step. Because Google always improves their strategy as well as the SEO. Even more you have learned how to play this game, even more, you can drive more traffics and get people to your website. Don’t forget to choose the right tool for your blog website and Create more quality contents that help people understand easily.

So, These are my Top 5 Websites to learn about SEO - For Beginners. I hope these will guide you to understand more about SEO and you can also learn more about How to Write the Contents HIT SEO or 5 Backlinks ideas from here on this blog.
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