10 Things I have learned from Gary Vaynerchuk - Motivational Speech 2017

I have been watching Gary Vee on his Youtube channel for a while and what he gave time is a life-changing. Every word that he tells on his channel can reflect you directly because life is not just dreaming but step forward by starting to do it right now. Never ever speak out of the excuses. Anyway, I would like to share 10 Things that I have learned from Gary Vee and what I think that is the most powerful words to you since It helps me and makes me figure out what to do or how can I achieve my goals instead of still dreaming at the corner of my room.

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10 Things I have learned from Gary Vaynerchuk (Motivational Speech)

1. Just Start 

Just like I mentioned above, this word is short but very powerful. People keep reading and watching billionaires spend their money crazy through their Instagram but no one wants to start. Why? Because we are scared of changes, failures, and the future...But you know what? We can't stop changes. Every day in life changes all the time, only 30 secs from now someone might make tons of money butut we're still sitting there,  looking at their photos and hope that could be us. Only Start it from now...

2. Don't Care What People Think

Build something for yourself without caring what other people think in this 20s. Some people care so much about what other people think and low your confidence down and at the end, you will lose your patience. For example, when you think about building a house, people will think about how to decorate things in the house or what color the wallpaper should be but they don't care so much about cement to build the house. So, when the rain falls and it's gonna ruined your house.

3. Everything Is Your Fault

If you have a question, why people keep judging the others? Because they don't want to look at themselves and blame on it. Remember, whatever you do is your fault. Look at yourself and think about what you have done and how much you came through in past? Look at yourself and see what you should improve in yourself and don't blame the others. Think to find the way to makes things better and don't ever feel guilty about your mistakes when it taught you to be a better you.

4. Be Selfish First  

The way to make the world better is to make you better first. Give good things to yourself before thinking about the others, that's how you love yourself. And say "no" when you need to say "no". Do not force yourself to do what you don't want to do or you do it because you feel guilty about it. Lift yourself up instead of staying under your guilty.

5. Add New Winner Friends In Life

Best friends don't need to be just one and no need to be a hundred of them. Find a group of positive friends that will bring you best attitude in life and leave the negative friends by now. Don't waste your time with friends who only call you when they want to hang out and leave you alone when you need them. Good friends are around and you will find them when you low your standards and open up for them. It's never too late to find real friends to surround with.

6. Be Grateful 

Start the new days in the morning and be grateful for what you have done and who you are before starting your day. Just to remind you every day of how proud of who you are to increase your confidential. Because sometimes people tend to focus on something else too much to forget about themselves and some people never think that they are good enough. Look at yourself and think about what have you done last days and tell yourself the most powerful words that everyone would like to hear is "I'm proud of you".

7. Speed is more important than Perfection 

Do not spend the time to worrying about what do they think and do not spending four hours to make your own decision. Make everything fast in day by day to get things done because you're not gonna achieve your goals in 10 more years. Speed is the only thing that matters, and opinion predicated on people's insecurities and ego slow everything down.

8. Don't overthink

Because you literally impose your thing into anything, you just don't know that thing you jump into. And what can handle an unknown is your confidence. Confidence is the only thing that will help you stand above of your fear. Why would you have to be scared once you know that you can handle those situations and it's going to be good. And don't forget to be grateful for what is going to happen.

9. Find who you are

Most of people still don't know who they want to be in future or what do they love about. So, the only one thing that will give you the right answer is to try so many things. If you are still a student, you still have more times to figure it out and try new things to find what you love. And if you don't know where to start then think about the first thing that you want to do or want to be the most and start do it.

10. If things are terrible right now, it's going to get better. But if's phenomenal right now, then it's going to get worse.

Everything is about timing recognize your moments and strike that has been the foundation of success. When things are worse, people will find tons of way to fix it and you will experience it along with the journey then things will get better and better. But If things are good right now which is good but don't forget to push up, even more, to make sure that it's gonna stay up for a while because you can't stop the changes.

Hope you learn something from this as well and if you have watched Gary Vee Youtube channel before, please let me know some more that I miss out. Don't forget to sign up email subscribe to update the good news before anyone :)

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