10 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

10 Things I wish I knew when I was 20, find myself and what I passionate about,  Some tips that I wish I could have done to success faster! You need to read this. 

Most of my friends still don't know what They love about or what They passion about because we always kept studying and missed out everything around. I studied in the different university from all my friends and my university is an open university so I have more times to find myself at the time. Since I graduated, I  jumped into a real full-time job. Now, I looked back to my past and there are so many things that I still missed out. But luckily me that I already know what I want in my life and it's still not too late to follow what I passionate about. Anyway, here's 10 Things I wish I knew when I was 20.

First, ask yourself 5 questions: 

1. What you like to do?
2. What makes you happy 
3. What you dreamed about?
4. How can you make money from it?
5. What you see yourself in next 5 years? 

Start now... 

10 Things I wish I knew when I was 20:

10 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

1. Start Blogging as a full-time job 

Who started earlier who wins faster. In this case, I don't mean to win over the others but to win over yourself. I wish I could have more responsibility for my blog and make money out of the blog faster. At the time, when you were a student I believe that you got ten times more than office workers have and it's so much more serious. I wish I could have done this for what I passionate about and make money base out of it earlier but it's never too late.

2. Traveling 

Even more, you travel even more you will learn the lessons of life and realized that there are so many fun and crazy activities that you need to complete it. And also, It always funs to travel with your friends or travel alone to find what you really want in life. Just get start it and you will know how worth it, it will be.

3. Learn How to drive

It's great that you can drive when you go to another city or another province. I live in Bangkok and everywhere in Bangkok they have thousands of taxis and motorcycles so for me I think it's not important. But once I was in Chaing Mai, It would be great if we could rent a car rather than just pay for an expensive taxi around the city.

4. Go to the party 

It's time to have fun and make so many friends while I was study in the university. I would say 20 years old is the best time in life because you can do whatever you want as an adult now but once you were 4 years older you will think and considerate so much more than this and don't want to get into the trouble or go crazy.

5. Make an online Shop

Always wanted to be my own boss while I'm young and I wish that I knew what I wanted to do when I was 20. Because It would be so great to start earlier and see the growth by now. One thing that I have learned is to follow your dream and what you see yourself working on without getting bored. Everything is never too late to start by now like I mentioned earlier.

10 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

6. Start Dating 

I never really interested in a relationship and always hung out with friends every day in past. But I wish that I started dating at this age because it would be great to be more open and get to know someone who is interested in myself as much as me.

7. Explore Coffee Shops 

I'm addicted to coffee so badly and every time that I can smell the coffee ... I would go wild haha I like how relaxing it gives me and clear everything in my brain. I drink coffee 2 cups for a day usually and I love to try the tastes of coffee from different Coffee Shops.

8. Say "YES" more often 

Saying no is easier for me while other people scared to say it but saying YES for me is harder. The reason is that we're scared to step outside of our comfort zone and be more open to new things or new opportunities or new friends. It's so important to make connections while you're in the university because it will be a good impact for your in the future.

9. Be more extrovert 

Studying at home always not great when it comes to socializing. I always stayed at home and study alone in the corner and do my hobby and sometimes talk to my ex-best friend. Now, I realized that I was staying in my comfort zone too much until I forgot how to make friends no more and it takes so much time to study again.

10. Learn about HTML/CSS

When you realized that these codes are so important for my career and what I do on the website. And to learn about this coding take quite long because it can be compared to the 3rd language that most people don't understand.

These are my 10 Things I wish I knew when I was 20. Most of my sides are about increasing knowledge and make money because these related my dreams and what I could see myself in the future. So, What're your dreams?

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