Top 5 Blogging Experts you need to know - Blog Tips

December 23, 2017
Top 5 Blogging Experts you need to know - Blog Tips

If you just started a new blog and don't know how to increase your traffics? To give you the best answer that you wondered and SEO Tips that bloggers need to know before starting your blog. Well, In this blog we bring you all Top 5 Blogging Experts that you need to know in this industry. I also listed the most important tips about SEO for you to check it out for more information.

SEO Tips For Bloggers:
Write Content Hit SEO
Top 5 Websites To Learn About SEO 
Blog Post Challenge

Now, Let's dive into this Top 5 Blogging Experts you need to know to help you grow your blog faster!


This blog will give you the best blog tips with good quality contents. More than sharing you some tips about blogging, also The powerful secrets to growing your Instagram. If you want to grow your social media platform and grow your blog along with this 7 days free course journey, click on the link now.

My favorite blog post:

- My favorite hashtags to get noticed and grow your Instagram

When you want more engagements, Instagram is one of a good tool for branding and a good way to start increasing your traffic from here. Since I made my personal blog, I have to shout out my own name as a brand and what I do on my blog to people. After they know about me and they think that my blog is helpful so they start following and that's the start. But also, There're so many social applications out there and one thing that you need to choose to increase your traffic is to choose the social media base from your target audience. Anyway, Instagram and Facebook are the best tools for now since everyone uses those two applications the most. To learn more, you need to check it out.


At the time, I have searched for "Catchy Title" and I found this blog stood out on Pinterest so I have read a bit on the Infographic Image and after I clicked through this website and read it. I know that I need to share this website with you since it's the best content I have ever read through. She explained about SEO and other tips that would so well and you can actually get started right away.
My favorite blog post:
- 190+ Catchy Headlines / Blog Titles to get more attention

This is very helpful! SEO is very important but it would be more powerful when you add the right keywords to your catchy title to get noticed by people who search for that keywords. Once there are so many competitors and you want to be stand out among them, again this would be really helpful.


More Tips and Tricks to help other Bloggers to increase more traffic and How to earn money from your blog! I found this blog once I was searching for Affiliate Marketing. And it gave me every question that I wanted to know how to earn money from blogging. Also, If you are looking for professional Blog Themes for Wordpress or Blogger you can always have a look on this website.

My favorite blog post:
- 5 Years Working Online Full Time

Lately, I have been reading so much about how to turn my blog into a full-time job since it will give me so much time to spend with family and It is what I can work for days without getting bored of it. I need to find more choices to earn money online and This gives me exactly what I am looking for.


Another great and classy blog website I found on Pinterest that gives me tons of blog post ideas and it seems like never-ending. We all know sometimes it gets hard when we think about what to post or what to write about and what do people search for because that’s the most important part to get searched.

My favorite blog post:

This idea gave me back to this blog post “ 85 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas 2017”. One of this blog post will do is The internal backlink idea is that you can also insert your link into your blog post.


When you want to know more about E-commerce tips and tricks especially Esty and Spotify, this blogger will give you super deep details about those websites. But more than that she also will share you how you can earn money from blogging and how to take photographs for your own blog. To grow more on your blog, let’s have a look on this website!
My favorite blog post:
- How to start stationery Business Selling On Your Designs
I have a very big project coming very soon in 2018 and I have to be more prepared to make sure that everything will go along nicely with my plan. Anyway, I love the way that she explain and give you every detail you need to know.

So, these are my Top 5 Blogging Experts you need to know! And if you are a blogger and want to organize your blog plans in the future, please click right here to download Blog Planner
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