5 Things to know before go on a vacation in Phetchabun - Thailand Travel Tips

So, I have been traveling in Phetchabun...

Phetchabun stays under The North of Thailand. The temperature in this province is around 22-34 Celsius. This province has the mountains and the beautiful waterfall just like Chiang Mai but since there's not a lot of people come to visit, it makes this place looks more beautiful and no pollution. If you think to take a rest where is not a lot of people then better book it now!

I always wanted to come visit in this province since I always travel around and it's more than worth it. Since me and my boyfriend, we were attached to Bangkok's pollution and It got us so sick. We're ready to pack and go right away. But the First thing to not miss out any places we wanted to go so we sat down and planed. I booked the cheapest the resort at Lom Khoa where is quite far from National Park so every time that we have to go it usually takes about 20-30km. So I would recommend you to stay around Khao Kho. But Guess what we found such an amazing restaurant nearby to our place! It called Kung Phao where it sells fresh grilled shrimp with the green seafood sauce.

If you're ready to get more details, let's dive into it!

1. Never miss out to visit the sea of mist at Phu Hin Rong Kla

To not take any risk to miss out the sea of mist, you have to come here around December - Early March. But I would recommend coming here around February or Early March when there's not a lot of people. You will see the most beautiful the sea of mist above of the mountain and enjoy your time there! In the picture is Phu Phengma, it's in Phun Hin Rong Kla National Park. To get in there you have to pay 500THB/person, the price is a bit high but it's more than worth it since this national park is so big and you can explore everywhere as you want! I recommended to rent a motorcycle since it's more convenient to park and visit places in the National Park.

Are you hungry? ;)

2. Food in Phetchabun is great and Cheaper than Bangkok

Me and Food god were here already so let's order some small dishes. But as you can see these big dishes haha we were so happy that we believed it wrong and almost forgot to take a shot. The price for fried rice is only 100THB and we couldn't even finish it all. It was so good and we had too much dishes we felt like. He ordered one more this which is Hatch Salad....It was so tasty but I don't like the smell of Hatch so much but it was different and generous menu. There're some more Thai restaurants that are so delicious and cheaper than street food restaurant even. If you go there, definitely will never miss out Thai food in there.

3.  The blue sky garden!! 

Here's the most beautiful place that I have ever been. It called The blue sky hotel & resort and behind the resort, you will find this big place that most people come here to take good pictures. I would recommend if you want to take pre-wedding, this place is for you. For the entry, you have to pay 100THB but no time limit so you can stay chill in there as much as you want. Me and my boyfriend were there for 2 hours since it's a bit so hot that day but glad for nice fresh air with this beautiful view.

4.  Wat Pra Thart Pha Son Kaew

The most famous temple in Phetchabun! We drove a car for about 80km. from our place to here but sadly it's repairing at the time. Anyway, they still let us go in there and checked out beautiful view. We took a rest at the coffee shop around there and had some french fries, also charged our phone to keep the GPS alive haha The Dhamma practive center is amidst the nature with peaceful atmosphere sorrounded by high mountains. On the hilltop, there's a cave where many of the Thang Daeng villagers used to see flying marble in the sky that flies to this cave. The villagers believed it to be the Busddha's spirit. They believed this place is auspicious and scare so they called it "Pha Son Kaew" or The cave of marble.

5. Pino Latte Resort and restaurant

This coffee shop is so popular because you get mountains view while you're sipping the coffee. This is very good view to wake up so relaxing in the morning. I ordered Iced Americano and Chocolate muffin, the muffin was so delicious but the coffee is not so good. So, I wouldn't recommended this so much but the smoothies that my boyfriend ordered was gelicious yummy. We were here to mainly editing the photos and my boyfriend flew the drone from here, luckily they let us do it because most of the places don't let us fly the drone. Anyway, we get very awesome shots from my camera and the drone shots.

If I go next time, I would stay around Khoa Koa and go more places because we don't have a lot of times there. If you stay here for about 3 weeks, I think it would be such a perfect time there and you don't have to be in hurry traveling some nice places. If you want to see more my journey, you can check my Instragram account out click here or @pimsandra.

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