10 Tips to become a morning person

Be a morning person seems a little bit hard when you always go to bed 10pm. or after at the time. But if you try this challenge, you can actually turn to be a new person and you will finish your works faster and be productive again.

Most of the morning people are usually have really good mind since we usually practice yoga or go for a walk that really helps you relax and happy. Fresh air and warm sun in the morning will fresh you up and ready for a day.

10 Tips to become a morning person? 

The benefit to be a morning person is to get your works done faster, the earlier time that you can get up the faster work that you will finish anything faster. More than that is your health benefit because waking up in the morning helps you lose weight faster. and It helps you  Let's go into more details down below. 

1. Set an alarm at 5am. 

Set an alarm at 5am. in every morning. First time or First week might be a bit hard but the trick is to count 1-5 in your mind after you turn an alarm off and try to kick yourself out of the bed. Once your feet are on the ground then go watch your face and after that, you won't feel sleepy no more. If you do this after a couple weeks, you will get used to this great routine and you will be more productive as you want for this 2018. 

2. Do workout in the morning 

Set your time for 20-30 minutes to go for a walk or do a cardio workout in the morning to wake your muscle up and be more active in the morning. Doing work out in the morning will help you lose weight faster and it's the best time to workout. You don't need to workout so hard every day but to strengthen your body in the morning will make you healthier.

3. Ready to follow the plans

Ready to follow your plans by plan your To Do List before at night. The reason that you have to write down the plan before is to remind you of the plans that you have to do in the morning and keep you feeling more productive. Don't forget to set the time when you have to finish each task. In this case is to organize your time better because when you don't have to waste your time on a small or unimportant task.

4. Coffee is a must-have

Coffee is such a good pill to be more awake and open your mind to some new ideas. Every time when I wake up in the morning, the first thing that I run into is Hot Coffee. I always make fresh good coffee into my room and start following my tasks since I woke up because you might get tired during the day. The first task that I usually go for in the morning is the hardest one or that one that takes more time to finish it. 

5. Don't plan it to hash

When you plan too many tasks, you will feel so exhausted and lazy to wake up earlier. To not make you feel depressed in your dreams, you should plan enough to finish it for one day. Don't worry if you can't finish this big task because what you will do is to bring up the most important tasks to the earlier weeks, once you've done everything then you can start doing the small tasks later. This way will make you feel more productive and not too stress because we need good works. 

6. Goals reminder

Write down your monthly goals and stick on the wall to keep your life on tracks. This tips will make you feel so much more active and ready to finish any goals you have. Don't forget to give yourself a gift back after you finish more than 70% of the goals. Seeing your goals every day can change everything better by starting it today. You can also get this cute planner here in the shop.

7. Don't skip your breakfast! 

Most people always skip their breakfast when they're getting late but that's a bad habit. Food will help your brain think faster and remember what you've learned better. Also, Food will help you to not getting sleepy during the afternoon time which is so important when you have to get something done but your brain is falling asleep. 

8. Hide your phone 

To not get distracted by your phone, you have to hide your phone after you turned an alarm off and ready to get up. Because sometimes phone can make you stay longer in your bed for hours so this is the reason why you need to put your phone away far from you. 

9. Schedule your bedtime

Don't forget to schedule your bedtime every day until you get used to a new routine. The benefit that you will get back from scheduling your bedtime is to be healthier and not being sleepy everywhere. 
The best time to set your bedtime should be at 10pm. because we have to make sure that we have enough time to relax after work or do your homework. This might be hard if you never sleep early but this will help your brain memorize things better. 

10. Be consistent 

If you want to see if it works or not, let's challenge yourself 3 weeks and you will see a better result. 
Start with setting your bedtime and your wake up time, once you are ready to finish every task then don't forget to add To Do List to your everyday lists. Wish you complete this goal.  

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