3 Powerful habits that can change your life!

3 Powerful habits that can change your life!

Now, it's time to get your life together with this "3 Powerful habits that will change your life!"
Lately, I have been out of my way and only want to party and drinking. And one thing that I completely forgot was my life. Party can make you have fun just for a moment but once you wake up in the morning, everything is still running slow and nothing gets better. I quit my job and promise to myself that I will be a full-time blogger but It wasn't in my mind at the time. I had so much fun spending time and have fun with people until the money is gone. I sat down in my room and told myself that I'm going to change but in my mind told me to do it..right now. Start it right away and don't let time passed by.

3 powerful habits that can change your life

I read so many blog posts and inspirations at night to make me feel motivated and be more productive in the morning. And I found the tips, Those 3 habits that I want to share it with you in this blog.

1. Wake up at 5 am every day 

Last time that I woke up at 5am. was when I still worked for a company to avoid the traffics. But you guess what? Things have changed when you wake up at 4am.-5am. in the morning. First thing, you would feel more productive and this time is a perfect time to start reading or learning because you can remember things easier when you still have nothing to remember or think so much in the morning. Instead of reading fictions or cartoon, it would be great if you start learning at this time. Usually, I wake up at 4am-5am and start learning German.

2 Notebook Planner helps a lot! 

I always plan the next day at night so I won't forget the most important things I have to do in the morning. Since I wake up early so I have more times to get everything done faster and not put pressure on me too much like I used to. The reason that I choose Planner notebook instead of a digital planner is that I don't need more distracting technology in the morning. So now to make your plans work, all you have to do is take your planner everywhere with you so make sure that you have a compact notebook planner and the most important part for the planner is timing. Don't forget to write your time down in the notebook. For example, 6.00-7.00: Workout.

3. Work out 

You probably wonder why, working out helps you stay more motivated and productive. More than that it helps you get rid of stress and low your anxiety. If you have anxiety or depression, you're not the only one and this habit will help you get a lot better from overthinking. Don't ask yourself if you want to work out or not because it's a habit that you have to, just like you don't want to work but you have to so this is my tip to complete this task. Once you can force lazy feeling, it will become a good habit for you. I feel very great to work after a workout and I can stay work longer than I could have done in past. How great! 

If these tips can help you as well as it helps me, don't forget to share and let me know what you think!

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