5 Reasons why you need to share travel photos

Do you have some of your favorite travel photography that you would like to share?

After I came back from my travel tips, I have so many blog post ideas that I would like to share with you for example 5 Things you need to know before going on a vacation in Thailand and 3 Powerful habits that can change your life. Also, my new idea for this blog came up with "5 Reasons why you need to share travel photos" Since I went through the pictures from travel bloggers and read the stories behind it makes me feel every more motivated and inspired me to get out of my comfort zone.
Now, before starting this travel diary, it's important to ask yourself...

What is good about traveling? 

Whenever you hear this question, your brain will start processing thousands of answer right? As I do, I love traveling so much because it brings me a very good vibe. I feel free and inspire from every place I've been. Every new adventure with someone I love make me feel worthy of living.

So, why we need to share about the journey? 

Let's continued reading download below and If you would like to download my original pictures, please click here

On top of the mountain in Phetchabun, Thailand

1. To keep your memory on clouds and help you remember

Most of the people love to post everything on the internet but that can get people annoyed sometimes. Pictures are telling stories so at this point make sure that you bring out the best of the picture that will never get you bored looking at. And yes, sometimes keeping memory on social media can be dangerous so don't forget to close the location from your phone or VPN to protect your private life or setting your private account. Because the best part of taking photos is to share with your family and friends. 

2. Motivated other people 

Most of the cool and beautiful travel photos can really motivate you to be more productive and get out of the comfort zone which is real. When you start, everything can't stop and you will enjoy spending your life and learn something new. Me and my mom back came back after our trip and we get closer than ever. Since we were so busy about our jobs and I visit my boyfriend every weekend. 

 3. Connected with more people in your niche 

If you post your pictures on Instagram or Facebook group, you will find some more people who have the same interested as you do. And that's important to get to know people and make more connection because you will never that one day you might find a very good friend around the world. 

 4. Get more inspirations 

When you go to different places, you will find more and more inspirations for yourself. This is something really can help me think and figure it out things in my life and make it better. I live in a very busy city, most of the time that I feel around this place is all about business and stressful so it's hard to look at busy people and be inspired. Every time when I go on a vacation I usually come back with new ideas and motivations and it helps my career a lot. 

5. Benefits of Social Media 

If you follow so many travel bloggers you probably know how they make money from travel pictures so this would benefit you in the future. To be a travel blogger, make sure that you really love to travel or travel often because your pictures can make money. So, if you travel a lot make sure to capture some awesome pictures and tag the brands. 

Wish you enjoy traveling and please don't forget to check my photography portfolio out click here

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