10 Ideas for daily positive thinking + Planner

Staying Positive is not easy but we have 10 Ideas for Positive thinking that can help you live without angriness.

We are all thinking all the time and sometimes it's too much. Even though you can express yourself so many ways but the best way to express yourself is write your thoughts down in a cute notebook. But nowadays the best way seems to be Social Media but it's not, only Social Media will cause you Social Media Anxiety,

Are you looking for Self-Care worksheets? 

Here's Self-Care planner that you can Download and write down this journal. I put all the questions that you will enjoy answering daily basis. It's the planner that will balance your daily emotions.

You might get tired of working hard every day and we all need to take a rest. We might not have time to take a rest but as long as you have this journaling worksheets that will balance your happiness.

My recommended books to read:

Reading book every day reduced your stress and increase your knowledge. The benefits will be more than that, for example, improving your memories. The best times to read a book is Morning and before bedtime, because it's the best time for your brain to remember and focus something really well.

10 Ideas for daily positive thinking + Planner

Make your life better:
You can control and create your life how you want your life to be like and everything will stay under your mind's control. Improve your lifestyle to be better and better.

  • Go for a walk
  • Get your own journal
  • Everything is going to be ok
  • Surround with positive people
  • Work out 
  • Painting 
  • Negative is needed
  • Smile 
  • Set your goals 
  • Take time for yourself

Ready to follow these 10 positive tips

When you work hard, you might get stress all day and that will change you in a bad mood. That's the reasons why we have to express yourself and be happy. So, these are the tips that will brighten up your mood.  

1. Go for a walk / Go to the park 

Whenever I feel stress instead of watching TV and Cooking, I would rather go to the park for a walk. The environment in the park can change your mood from bad to good immediately. I live in Bangkok and this city is so stressful because it's the city of business just like a city of Newyork. I love this city but sometimes, we need the air for our brains.

2. Grab one of your journals

I was thinking about a perfect journal book and it came up with these questions that will help you express yourself more better! I had this idea when I wanted to talk to someone about how I feel and It's because I don't want to tell everyone my private stories which sometimes, They might not understand.

Things are gonna be ok

3. Things are gonna be ok 

When you feel sad or having a panic attack, just keep repeating "Everything is gonna be fine"and try to think about something good. I know that we can control our emotions and once you have already done it you would feel happier.

4. Surround with positive people 

Surrounding with positive people is the most helpful for you to stay positive and be happy. It's so easy when you ask something how happy they are because their answer is just to be happy. Whatever that comes to your mind and make you feel heavy, you can just let it go and think about good sides about it and that's the reason why you are happy.

5. Work out

Work out is the best tip to take out your bad energy and be happier and be healthier. When you work hard, definitely you will get tired and not always in a good mood. So, the workout is a good reason to express yourself and get a good shape.  

6. Painting

The colors can change your mood, right? If you're not sure, then let's try painting on your artbook. When you start painting, you will be focusing the colors on your coloring book and the colors will change you in a good mood.

7. Negative is needed

Let make you understand about being positive is not right to think positive all the time since you live among thousands of people that have a different mind. And you don't have to try so hard to be positive because being happy is being positive. It's the fact of how to live with other people happy.

8. Smile

The best thing that you can just start to do from now is to Smiling, starts from smiling to yourself and everyone around you. Smaile can make you feel confident and happy even more, you smile even more you will feel happy.  

9. Set your goals 

Why do we have to set our goals? The reason is to make yourself live happier. Sad time can come whenever it comes and we all have to be ready for what happens. So, that's the reason why you need to keep your emotions on track with Self-Care planner that will help you achieve your goals.

10. Take time for yourself

Sometimes, we need to think and be creative. And sometimes, you have to think about the problems that happen and try to avoid it. It's better for you to step away and take your time to think. This tip will not let you make a mistake or make a wrong step. At the end, the right answer always there in front of you. 

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