How to drive organic Facebook posts? FREE Facebook Templates

The market is so huge and if you are an entrepreneur, you might don't want to invest a lot on Social Media since Social Media usually give you a free choice. If you wonder, There're so many marketing tips around but why you should focus on Facebook?

Here's the reason why...

How to drive organic Facebook posts?  FREE Facebook Templates

Facebook Marketing 

Facebook is the biggest marketing channel and it has more than 1.18 billion users. Since nowadays, people are looking for the cheapest channel to promote their products and Facebook comes with an affordable choice that everyone uses. Facebook grew from little until now It's the most popular marketing channel. People usually look on Facebook 8-9 hours for a day which is 30% spending online Social Media.

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How to drive organic Facebook Posts?

Since, Facebook is the best Social Media marketing so now you need to know more about how to get benefits from this Social Media with a low cost, for example, these easy 5 tips that I will give more details down below.

1. Find the audience who's interested in your niche

The organic reach decreases as the size of your audience. So first, you need to find your audience and don't forget to find your niche partners! There're some more Facebook pages that related to your niche so don't take this chance away when you can increase more reaches from new audiences for free. Since collaborating makes your Social Media grow faster, then you shouldn't miss out on this point. 

2. Publish the right content at the right time 

Check the posts that have good performance and write it down for the next ideas. The best posts that people are interested would be Video, Recipes, Interview, How to and etc. nowadays. Once you already have done the research, you will know what type of posts that get more engagement then keep posting the same. The point is to get shares on Social Media because that's a very trustworthy way and cheapest way to grow. 

3. Create your own group to build up a relationship with you and your audience

Get in touch is very important. It's like a tool to see when your audience is active and It's a good way for your audience build relationship with each other. By the conversation first, you will know what do they like or what do they are interested in. Don't forget to keep answering questions or get involved with your audience. 

4. Use your hashtags

To reach more people, using your hashtags that related to your post or brand. And to get more engagement, you should run your contents by answering people. People are usually come to Social Media for entertaining themselves or looking for answers to solve their problems. If you write longer content and give good details answering questions, then you will get more new engagement that they will likely to follow your channel. 

5. Boost your Facebook Posts 

The market is huge, sometimes you have to promote to them. Boosting posts work well when you target the right people, if you wonder how to boost Facebook posts then click here. Anyway, boosting posts don't help you all the time and the engagement is not stable because it depends on the type of your posts. So, don't forget to do a research about your audience for example what are they interested in?

Anyway, like I said that Facebook posts and Facebook contents are the most important key to target the write people. So, I created Facebook Post Templates for you to download and post on Facebook using #pimsandratemplates I would love to hear the answer from you. 

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