10 Habits of successful entrepreneurs you should have in 2018

To be successful, it can't be overnight and it takes sometimes just like when you are trying to change your bad habits. Whenever you say no to what you should do, your goals will go far away and you won't see that fast results. Entrepreneurs are never wasted their time watching Netflix all day or what they say is that Good entrepreneurs make money, Great entrepreneurs make serious money but truly successful entrepreneurs do more than money.

10 Habits of successful entrepreneurs you should have

Are you ready to improve habits?

When you started searching for this types of article, I think most of you are ready to improve your own habits so let me tell you 10 Habits of successful entrepreneurs you should have in this blog.

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Anyway, let's dive into these 10 Habits of successful entrepreneurs!

1. Focus your vision 

Always have a plan and a vision for your goals to stay motivated every day. When you think that you're on a mission to be successful, your goals won't be so far away from you. Don't forget to draw and write your 3 years plan and stick it on your wall to remind you to work hard every day. Nothing is harder than your thoughts when you can control your thoughts to work and follow your plans. Because at the end of the day, you will be the happy ones.

2. Read everyday

It's important to learn new things all the time so you will find more solutions to solve anything you have to face in. More than that, you still can talk to everyone about anything and that will make you smarter. I used to challenge myself to read a book every day for a month since I'm a hyper person and can't sit there more than 20 minutes or half an hour to hold a book. It was very hard at first but after a week, I get used to it and started enjoying my own book. And after one month I finished a book that I read I feel that I could think faster and know what I'm doing when someone came to me and ask a question. So, reading is very important you can read through your phone or a book just take a rest and fill in that knowledge into your brain. You are a badass is my favorite book, check it out if you're interested.

3. Talking to someone who has same interested

I love learning about Online marketing especially SEO and I always read through the blogs everyday. And a Facebook group is basically a place to discuss what I have learned or something that I'm curious about. When you start talking about what you're interested in is that you will know more and more and one day you might become a professional in what you like. Also, they can help each other motivate and think positive about our work problems because we all have sometimes.

4. Don't forget to exercise 

Funny thing is that most of the entrepreneurs have time to exercise because they know how much benefits they will get from exercise. One time I work and study so hard for 2 weeks, no rest and no going out at all. I just forced myself to sit there and work and one day I couldn't think of anything because my brain felt so heavy. The first thing that I think was working out so I went to the yard and got my energy out of my body for 30 minutes after that my brain felt so light and I felt more motivated and active. This is the reason why exercise is very important.

5. Be prepared

When you take your life more serious because you want to be successful, well that's the right way to do. And I know it's hard and you can get tired sometimes so, here's why you have to be prepared. Most of the entrepreneurs that I have seen or have talked before, they're tired and feel depressed sometimes but they still can stay positive because there's no point to make you feel bad when the end of the day you will be a winner. It's important to stay positive and stay motivated of what you do because every entrepreneur or everyone who wants to become an entrepreneur has to come through, it's just a challenge.

6. Follow your plan and no others

You can have your entrepreneur models but you can't copy them because everything is different. Be confident with your goals and your plans because if everyone can do it, you can also do it. Like I mentioned before Goals take time but never forget your goals. Conquering the inner part of yourself that doesn't believe that you will succeed can be the biggest obstacle to success.

7. Face your challenges

It can be overwhelmed sometimes by your challenges but we all know that the problems can't stay longer than your knowledge that you have as a tool. Once I worked in a company, there are always problems every day but I think that was something can teach me to adapt it to my own business in the future. Well, who knows that it does really help me until now and no one can really use the knowledge that I have from my old job.

8. Take an action 

What can show your success is your actions! It's not enough only plan your day or talks about it but now you need to sit down and work to achieve your goals. It can be hard and you have to use a lot of energy to get your works done. Sometimes, working at home might not work for you will then go to the cafe or co-working space to get motivated and get your work done. At the end of the day, forcing yourself is kinda worth it right? ;)

9. Stay organized

Your plans can get messy sometimes so don't forget to organize everything in one place. For example, the emails that I think most of you have more 2 emails and that could get messy so pick one email to contact only work involved and another one for Social Media. I love to use planner because for me it seems more serious and I love writing my plans down on my notebook more than keep my plans on my laptop.

10. Relax 

You need sometimes for yourself too! Don't forget to spend time with your family or people you love. Stay in contact with them because they're the big supporters that you can talk and ask for advice. What I like to do is to go travel with my boyfriend or my mom and get everything out off my mind and ready for the next level of my mission because I can't wait to be successful and be proud of myself. And I know that we're not alone! If you would like to share your stories, feel free to share it in the comments or send me an email I would love to hear from you too!

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