5 Useful tips to Make money as a Blogger in 2018

How to become a full-time blogger and make money?

If you write a blog as a hobby and now you want to run your blog as a business, the first thing that you should know is that you must be willing to work hard and invest your time to your blog more than you had done before. To be a full-time blogger is such a dream job for everyone since it gives you more freedom to travel or to do what you love other than writing. But to live in that dream, it always comes with a lot of works and sometimes it could be a struggle. In fact, those are things that every entrepreneur have to come through.

5 Useful tips to Make money as a Blogger in 2018

Anyway, to be your own boss is a challenge for you in this 2018!
In this blog, I will share you useful tips to make money as a Blogger in 2018 so if you haven't had a blog yet, you should make one first in this web hosting.

1. Blog what you passionate about 

I know it's so hard to write a blog every weeks or every day when you always run out of the ideas. So, the idea is that you have to choose a blog niche that you like for example Makeup blog, Fashion blog, Food blog and etc. That will help you feel more productive to generate new contents and write about it.

Most of the bloggers failed while they're on a mission working as a full-time blogger because it's hard to organize your time and stay productive. Don't be shy to ask blogging experts or your favorite bloggers because they can help you a lot also, stay connected with other bloggers on Facebook groups to learn and motivated each other. If you need tools to help you organize here're Top 5 productivity applications that you should download and use it for your career.

2. How to choose your niche? 

Well, this is very hard if you don't know what you like. When I first start my own blogs, I wrote about everything such as makeup, fashion, business and more because I don't know what I like the most but that brought me to the right answer here. If you don't know what you like, you have to ask what your audience like to read on your blog by the most popular posts. And it doesn't matter if you can't write more than 1,00 words or more on this content topic but try to write more in another topic or try to post a lot because that's how you can increase your traffics.

Before you will find your own niche, you have to write a lot and you will find the right topics that you like to write about the most, for example, I used to write about food but it's hard to explain the test of the food and I had no idea how but when I start writing about business and Marketing or knowledge that I would like to share, I feel more comfortable to write and I can write more than the other topics.

3. Boost your Social Media 

If you want to grow so fast, Social Media is your best tools. Some people focus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and etc. It depends on where your audience usually come from but the most Social Media base that drives crazy traffic is Pinterest so now you should get ready to learn more about Pinterest Marketing that will be coming soon in this blog ;) If you love to share knowledge or tips and tricks to people, don't be shy to get yourself out there and tell who you are no matter you might not be the best one or you just start. The most important key is to be confident to what you do and that will show how great you are at what you do.

Another social media that I like is Instagram. Suprisly, Instagram helps me drive more traffics to my blog even though there's only one live online link that you can put on your bio. So, don't forget to add your Website to every Social Media accounts you have.

4. Freelance Jobs

While you're working on your blog with non-profits, Freelance jobs will help you earn money and practice your content writing at the same time. Working with other sometimes can teach you a lot and also get money at the same time. You can also do something else rather than content writing but this topic is related to Blogging and most bloggers offer you this job because they don't have time.

I have listed Top 5 Freelance websites for you to check it out and try out.

5. Affiliate links and Ads 

Every blogger must know this! If you like to review products or earn money from reviewing, you can sign up on Amazon and get affiliate products to link to your blog. Affiliate comprises a large chunk of revenue for most big-name bloggers and some blogger can earn more than 30k dollars for a month. And to do this has no risks at all, only you need to have the best marketing that I think everyone already has in a different way.

For the Google Ads that you should never look away because some people can also earn 100$-300$ for a day, how crazy? Why don't you start from now ;)

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