Best street food in Hanoi 2018 - Photography

What is your favorite food in Hanoi? 

From Bangkok to Hanoi was only an hour an a half, I was so excited to come here with my boyfriend and tried new food together since we both love food. Once, I got out of the plane the first thing that I felt was the heat. Here's so much hotter than Bangkok where I thought it was the hottest haha 
Well, it took us 5 minutes to get sweat before we found out a place from Airbnb.

Best food in Hanoi 2018 - Photography

Our place was in the local area where is called a shortcut to go to the center of the city. It's really convenient to go everywhere here since you can find grab everywhere and it's cheap! And the grab here don't give you small change since they think it's a tip haha But it's pretty similar in Bangkok also and if you're new here, don't grab random taxi because it's more expensive and if you don't know much about it you might find a spam. 

It took us a very long time to get out of our place since it was 33 Celsius since I woke up and it's getting hotter during the day to 37 Celsius. But the first day, we just walked around the place we stayed because there's so many local street food that always has so many people came by.

Let's eat!

Com Ding

1. Com Ding

One of the most dishes to try, they have so many options for you to choose from. Since I went there too early so these are only 3 options they have for us and it was amazing! We got broken rice, Nice pork rips with sweet sauce, fried pork wrapped with sesame leaf and fermented cabbage. You don't need extra sauce for this because it was already special and not too salty. 

Egg Coffee

2. Egg Coffee

I was craving this coffee since I first came here. It was so delicious and cheap! In Vietnam, you can find cafe everywhere but the egg coffee has only in specific shops and most of those shops are really famous. If you go to Vietnam, you need to try this and you will love it! It was like custard on top of the coffee. When you want to drink it, you need to mix everything together first and enjoy it! 

Bun Cha

3 Bun Cha

I walked around the walking street and I found Bum Cha! My boyfriend, he said this is very good food that you need to try. First, it's super local and original Vietnam food that you might not find somewhere else. I ran into this street food and said " Bun Cha one" haha It sounds a different but even more you make short English sentence, even more, they will understand you so that's a tip. hehe 
So, we got noodle, deep fried spring rolls, beef soup that they also added fresh garlic and chilies and some black peppers and of course fresh vegetables. The way to eat is that you have to dip noodle and vegetables into the soup and eat with the beef. After one bite grabs one piece of deep fried spring roll and you will love it. 


4. Pho

I have to say that I don't like beef normally but this Beef Pho is a god bless. I love this dish so much, the soup was so amazing and it was so easy to eat. I had this bowl at night, it was so delicious. So in the bowl, we have noodle, beef, vegetables and black pepper. If you are looking for warm food at night, I highly recommend this! The black pepper will make you feel so good in my stomach and you can also add more soy sauce and chili sauce into the bowl then mix everything together and enjoy your bowl! 

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