10 Tips how to create content ideas in 10 minutes

July 10, 2018

Running out of the content ideas for your blog?

Every blogger has the same problem when they run out of the blog ideas to write about so that's why we need to write down 20 more blog ideas on the paper or your list such as Wunderlist. Since I post a blog every day and sometimes that I didn't have a lot of how many topics I have left on my list. So, sometimes I have to take more than 3 hours to figure it out the new topics.

How to create content ideas in 10 minutes

When you do blogging for quite a long, obviously that we all have some tips and tricks to generate your topic ideas but sometimes, we can be stuck with the ideas too. So in this blog, I will tell you How to create content ideas in 10 minutes with some lifestyle blog post ideas you should have a look in 2018!

Let's dive into these tips and tricks to create content ideas only 10 minutes!

1. Choose a niche that you passionate about

If you choose a niche that you passionate about, you will think about the topics easier and you will love to write about it. Even more you write, even more, you know how to explain and write more about any topics you have. 

2. Read more 

You can read anything such as a newsletter or some blog articles that related to your niche. If you have your favorite Marketing blogs you should give them subscribe because you will learn so much about Marketing contents in your email when you don't have time to go on their blogs. Also, you will learn more about explanation and lesson. Once, you have learned then you can take some tips away to your own story too!

3. Find the ideas from the catchy titles 

When you want to the ideas fast, I always go on Pinterest and find the ideas from Catchy Titles. All you have to do is fill in your words in the blank space for example "How to..." or "Top....to create....." I think for me in this case, help me generate tons of new ideas a lot and when you started to get some new ideas, it will come out a lot more. So, let's try it!

4. Search on Google

Think about your niche and the keyword that you would like to use on the content and search on Google. You will see from the Google suggestion down below and that will help you generate some more ideas also. The good thing is that Google always gives you the answer about what your audience is looking for.

5. Re-write the old contents

If you have the contents that you posted last year or longer than that, now it's time for you to re-write the contents. To improve your contents and add fresh keywords into the content will help you rank better on Google and will get more engagement which is easier than writing the new contents and create everything new. So, let's take one week to do this task and start your new ideas next week if you still can't find ideas for your blog.

6. Have a look at Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful platform for tracking the performance of your content and also this tool can give your the content insight too. If you go to Behavior > Site content > All page, you will see the top 10 popular contents on your blog or the contents that your audience like. So, instead of finding the type of contents you like maybe choose the type of contents that your audience loves!

7. Go to Quora 

Quora.com has 190 million monthly users and this forum platform can give you endless content ideas, depending on your industry. Only you have to do is type your topic keyword on the search bar and you will find tons of topics that people talk about so let be the one who can give those answer since you might get a lot of engagement for the keywords.

8. Find the ideas from your competitors

You can use a tool called Ahrefs to look at your competitor's contents by paste the URL website on the bar and see their contents and keywords. Also, more than those benefits you will get from Ahrefs you can still see their backlinks also so let's give this tool platform a try and you will love it! Another tool that I would like to suggest is Buzzsumo, type the keyword that you want to write about in the bar and click search! You will see so many contents that pop up with those keywords and the first one that you see is the most popular contents so grab some ideas from them, for example, add the numbers into your Topic or make your title catchier.

9. Social Media 

Ask your audience on the Social Media to see what they think! This is a very good idea to promote your coming blog post also and you will see their opinion for next 2 blog posts or more! You can also search the hashtags and see what most people posts on each keyword so you will get some new ideas for your blog posts too.

10. Don't think so much!

If you think so much most of the time you will think of nothing useful and get annoyed by it. If you can't think at the time, don't stay in front of your computer. Try to walk around and relax and then come back to work, that will help you think of the ideas easier. Sometimes, the ideas are right in front of your face but you don't like it then don't throw it away. Write down all of your ideas whether it will work or not then we can see the total ideas and you can choose the one that has a good keyword or match to your niche.

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