Top 5 Local Street Food Breakfast in Bangkok 2018 - Photography

July 08, 2018
When you come to Thailand, the first thing you should try is Street Food! Since Thailand has the best food at a very cheap price for you. No matter where you go or how late it is, you still can get your food here. In this blog post, I will take you to my local street food area or Udomsuk BTS station.  

Are you starving for Thai Street Food?

Top 5 Local Street Food Breakfast in Bangkok 2018 - Photography

Well, if you started getting hungry now let's have a look on our street food areas you have to check in.

The areas that you should go explore the taste of the street food are China Town (Yao Wa Rat), Saphan Taksin BTS, Phetchaburi Soi 5, Udomsuk Market, Evening Market Sukhumvit 77-11 (near BTS Onnut), Siam square and more! 

Before starts, I have to tell you first that every Monday in Bangkok is a cleaning day so every street food will close on Monday but it doesn't mean all closed. You will only see 50% less street food on Monday. 

Let's check in Thai Street Food at Udomsuk BTS, Bangkok with me

Since I live close to Udomsuk station so I would like to show you Morning street food around here. 
Udomsuk is closed to a suburb and the food here are made by Grandmas and old people which will tell you about local food a lot and the food price here is really cheap compared to other street food in the city.

1. Rice Porridge (Jok)

The rice Porridge is one of the most popular Thai breakfast, it's very easy to eat and not too heavy. Most of the officers and old Thai people like to buy it or sit down next to the street and enjoy their food. You can order with the egg by saying "Aow Jok Sai Kai" or without the egg by saying " Aow Jok Mai Sai Kai"

Rice Porridge

If you want to come to check in here at Udomsuk Morning Market, you have to come here around 6am-8am from Tuesday-Friday. 

Udomsuk Market

2. Vegetable soup with deep-fried dough sticks (Soup Pak and Pha Tong Gho)

This menu is very easy just grab and go, the good thing about this menu is that you will get the benefits from the vegetable and also warm soup in the morning always good for your body. We have deep-fried dough sticks to eat with the soup to get you even more full.

Vegetable soup with deep-fried dough sticks

You can also choose the topping that you would like such Sago, Grain seeds, Black sesame or normal clear jelly. They use the brown sugar in the soup but don't forget to tell them low sugar because Thai people love sugar.

Vegetable soup with deep-fried dough sticks

3. Fried Chicken and Sticky Rice (Gai Ton and Khao Niew) 

If you love heavy breakfast like I do, this is your choice. She has the best-fried chicken here and if you want her chicken, you have to come here early because everyone just loves her food. More than Fried chicken, she still has Pad Ka Paow and fried sausages too. Everything here is so cheap and you would love Thai style fried chicken ;)

Fried Chicken and Sticky Rice

Let's have a look closer 

Fried Chicken and Sticky Rice

4. Grilled Pork (Moo Ping)

Moo Ping or Grilled Pork is everywhere in Thailand and you can grab and go so easy. Some people buy it and eat on the way to go to their words. It smells so good and the sweet soy sauce that they put the pork in overnight makes the pork tastes so amazing! This is the childhood breakfast that my grandma always bought for me. It usually cost around 10THB with 5THB sticky rice. 

Grilled Pork (Moo Ping)

5. Chicken Rice Curry with Coconut (Khao Mook Gai)  

One of my favorite Muslim dishes, the smell of the curry just makes you feel even more starving. When they give you the soup to eat the just makes for each other. The good soup should be sourer and the chicken should be super soft. This street food shop is the one that everyone recommended! But if you want to find the best one, I would recommend the one at Praya Thai BTS. You have to go down Exit 3 and walk through Praya Thai building until the end then turn left-hand side, keep continue walking around 100-200 meters you will find it on the left-hand side. 

 Chicken Rice Curry with Coconut (Khao Mook Gai)

These are my top 5 Street Food Breakfast in Bangkok 2018 that you need to try when you come to Thailand. The original or the local Thai food is right here. If you want to know 5 Reasons why you need to take travel photos, you can check out on this blog. Have a good day.

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