Top 5 SEO Trends you should know in July, 2018 - Easy for Beginners

July 09, 2018
SEO Method is changing every year to follow the Google algorithm or sometimes it has multiple changes within months. And if you're still struggling to improve rankings for your website pages in 2018, slide up to see more details.

Top 5 SEO Trends you should know in July 2018 - Easy for Beginners

So, what's is the SEO trends in 2018?

SEO is an online marketing tool that will drive a lot of organic into your website. Organic means your target audience. When you post something or sell something that can reach out directly to your target audience, it means that your website will get a lot of organics traffics. SEO is also such a low tool cost! You don't have to pay anything to get your audience into your website, only using time and hard work but if you're available to pay I have to tell you that's even more worth it! 

More than building backlinks, these are also very important when you think about new SEO plans to do in this year.

1. Content Marketing 

Content is a key! Even more, the contents you have on your website even more, you can rank higher. But to write contents hit SEO, you need to understand how your contents can be ranked on Google. So, what you need is called Google Keyword Planner. Think about what you want to write and type the keyword on the tool. Take the keyword that has low competition and begins writing your content. 

2. Voice Search

As we all know Alexa is the new technology that can be ordered by your voice which is very popular among the 18-26 age. Since it's 2018 and everything improves a lot to make your life easier. The good thing about the voice search that it will give you the fastest result compared to page load results. The results that they will give it to you are from the contents that rank very high on Google. If you want to rank in voice search then try to focus on Featured Snippet or the title text in the contents!

3. SERP Features

The SERP Features or SERP snippets optimization is a result Google shows the user in the search result. The blue title, the Green URL and a description of the website are what we call the snippet. Google can show your snippet when you add structured data to your website and this is how you're gonna get a lot of clicks to your website. Click through rate can help you stay up the top of the Google page but when you think about long-term ranking, you should focus on this! Google will show meta description up to 156 characters in the snippet and 70 characters in the Title. So, make sure that you can give the good answer and the right keywords in those characters.

4. Mobile user-friendly 

Everyone uses their phone everywhere and most of the people use the mobile phone than the computer. The mobile user-friendly is important to keep people stay on your website because if it's not mobile user-friendly, people will leave your website after 2 seconds they came to visit. So, don't forget to optimize your website for the mobile version and make sure that your website won't take too long to download the page on the mobile. 

5. The social media

If you think about how to increase traffics fast, the first thing that will come up first is definitely Social Media especially Facebook. Facebook has the most Users all of any other social media and they let you play advertise to get your target audience. Also, don't forget to use the hashtags on your posts to engage people who are looking for those keywords and we will get increased priority on the content engagement by shares, likes, retweet and social clicks which is the best way to low advertising cost.

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